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Spaying/Neutering: Increase Cat’s Longevity

If you’re a first time pet owner, you may have questions about caring for your beloved companion. You may be wondering what food to give them, how you should go about training, and you may even have some playtime-related inquiries.

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One thing we haven’t tackled so far though is the matter of spaying/neutering. You’ve likely heard about those procedures before even as a new pet owner.

So, does your cat need to be spayed/neutered? If you want your pet around as long as possible, you should definitely consider the spay/neuter procedures.

A Longer Life for Your Pet Cat

Not too long ago, Banfield Pet Hospitals examined how spaying/neutering your pet could impact his/her longevity. As this article from The Humane Society shows, their findings were quite illuminating.

After examining a database filled with information pertaining to over 460,000 cats, researchers made some interesting discoveries. They found that neutered males lived about 62 percent longer than their non-neutered counterparts. Meanwhile, the spayed female cats lived about 39 percent longer.

Why Spaying/Neutering Can Lead to a Longer Life

There are two main reasons why spayed/neutered cats featured a tendency to live longer.

First off, the cats who underwent those procedures had their odds of developing certain cancers significantly reduced. Female cats became less prone to cancers that could affect their reproductive system while the male cats had greater chances of avoiding testicular and prostate cancers.

The other reason why fixed cats feature a tendency to live longer is because they don’t like moving around the neighborhood as much. Since they’re content staying at home, you don’t have to worry about them possibly being involved in an altercation or accident of some kind.

Feeling some kind of trepidation when deciding whether to have your cat spayed/neutered is perfectly normal but know that there are real benefits to be gained from those procedures. Consider your options carefully and remember that your choice could affect how much time you get with your pet.

Your cat is going to need some company after surgery. If you’ll be busy tending to other obligations, please feel free to approach us at TAILored Cat Services for assistance. Call 425-923-7791 or email through our website to learn more about our services.




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