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Snacks-How to Choose for Your Dog

Snacks are useful in a variety of ways. They can work as great motivators that encourage your dog to follow commands more diligently or mood lifters that give your pet a bit of a boost. You can also use them as bonding aids that bring you and your pet closer together.

As long as you keep your treat-giving in moderation and you’re certain that they are not going to trigger any allergies, they should not pose a serious threat to the health of your pet.

Still, you shouldn’t just pick up any treat from the pet store. Take the time to choose carefully so that your pet can get the most enjoyment out of it.

Included below are some of the top treats you can give to your precious pooch.

Teeth-Friendly Dog Treats

Some of the snacks available to purchase are made for your dog to chew on. They can be good for teeth and a lot of dogs just like to mindlessly nibble at them for extended periods of time.

If you want to pick up some kind of dental chew, The Spruce Pets recommends choosing something that is not too hard. That will help prevent injuries. They recommend going with something that does not hurt if you hit it against your knee.

For more specific recommendations, you can check out what the folks over at the American Kennel Club have picked out.

Dog Biscuits

There is nothing wrong with giving your dog a good, old fashioned dog biscuit. They’re crunchy, easy-to-store, and dogs usually go crazy over them.

Due to the sheer number of dog biscuit varieties available though, you have to be a more discerning shopper when it comes to them.

Look for treats that actually offer nutritional value. They are quite easy to find these days. You can also go the extra mile and purchase some organic dog biscuits to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Snacks from Your Own Table

You don’t actually have to go to the pet store to find treats for your pet. Goodies from your own plate can work just as well.

A slice of steak is more than enough to get your dog salivating. As always though, you have to be mindful of which ingredients are used in the treats your about to give.

If you’re preparing some meat to specifically give your dog, it’s best to steer clear of sauces and too much seasoning. Some salt on the steak should be more than enough to create a scrumptious bite.

Spoiling your dog is not ideal, but a treat every now and then is more than welcome. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to give to your pet the next time he/she has followed and featured his/her best behavior.

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