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Scratching-Help With 4th of July Fireworks

Fourth of July is right around the corner and while celebrations across the country are probably going to be different this year due to the pandemic, fireworks will likely still be present and cats may resort to scratching.

Seeing the night sky light up thanks to the explosion of colorful fireworks can be a truly enjoyable experience. Sadly, not everyone in your home may appreciate the fireworks.

To be more specific, your pet cat is probably not a fan of all the loud noises that accompany those bright lights.

According to Purina, the sounds produced by exploding fireworks can stress your pet out. So, what can you do to prevent or at least minimize the amount of stress your pet experiences on Independence Day? Surprisingly enough, scratching may prove very helpful.

Scratching as Stress Relief

As noted previously, hearing a constant stream of loud sounds can be very stressful for felines. Knowing that, your goal should be alleviate their stress any way you can.

That’s where scratching comes in.

When felines stretch out and dig their claws into something, they are able to relieve a significant amount of stress and built-up tension. According to Meowingtons, it’s no different than when you stretch your body out. It simply feels good.

The key now is for you to harness the positive benefits of scratching and use them to make your pet feel more at ease when July 4 rolls around.

How to Create a Relaxing  Environment

In preparation for the Fourth of July, you need to purchase a scratching post for your pet, but it cannot just be any random item. It has to be in line with their preferences if you want it to work.

Paws.org recommends observing your pet’s scratching habits and taking a closer look at the objects they actually target. They specifically urge pet parents to look at the height, the shape, and the texture of the objects their cats usually scratch.

You can then look for a scratching post that matches your pet’s preferences.

It’s now time to train your pet to actually use the scratching post you bought.

To do that, start by placing the post next to the item your pet scratches often, but make sure that the item you don’t want damaged is covered up. You can also perfume the item you don’t want damaged with strong odors so that your pet stays away from it.

Next, check to see if your pet is using the post as intended. If you notice your pet using it, gradually move it closer to the room where you ultimately want it to stay permanently.

Try to speed the learning process up by giving your pet a treat whenever he/she uses the post. That should reinforce the behavior in their mind.

Over time, your furry companion should get used to the scratching post.

When July 4 comes around, your cat can now relax better because he/she has a scratching post to use whenever the noises get too loud.

If you plan to be gone on July 4th, schedule TAILored Cat Services for a visit. We’ll assess if additional measures need to be taken to calm your feline friend. To schedule service with TAILored Cat Services, call 425-923-7791 or complete on-line form.



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