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Safe Home for Your Kitten

We tend to take for granted just how smart our pets are while trying to stay safe. Now that they’ve been at home for a while, they understand that certain items/areas are off-limits, and that there are designated spots for eating, going potty, and etc.

You begin to appreciate how smart your pet cat or dog has become even more when you bring a new animal home such as a kitten. Unlike your older pets, kittens are not keenly aware of their surroundings just yet and they have higher odds of getting into trouble.

As their new owner, it’s your duty to keep them safe. The tips highlighted in this article should help you create a kitten-proof home environment that will ensure that your new furry friend grows up healthy and well.

Don’t Leave Anything Hanging

Cat owners know a fundamental truth about their pets, and that is the fact that they just cannot resist something hanging precariously. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old charging cable, the drawstring on your curtain, or even just a loose piece of thread, cats will be all over it.

Kittens are even more susceptible to those dangling items.

Don’t worry about dangling threads on clothes too much, but make sure that you get rid of any dangling plugged-in electronic cables as they aren’t safe.

Remove Consumable Items That Aren’t Food

Curious kittens don’t know what’s food from what isn’t at their young age and unfortunately for you, they like to let their mouth be the judge.

That’s why The Spruce Pets recommends putting away everything you can. Items such as rubber bands and thick pieces of cut cloth can be choking hazards and they must be kept away from your kitten.

Avoid Potential Toxins

It goes without saying that you should avoid using pesticides and other consumable forms of poison that you may be using to get rid of pests with a kitten around. The chances of your kitten finding and subsequently eating them are just too high.

However, you should take note of what plants you have at home too.

The ASPCA has put together a detailed list of plants that are toxic to cats. Keep them away from home until your kitten knows not to mess with them or just keep them out for good.

Kittens make for wonderful pets, but caring for them can be stressful. By kitten-proofing your home, that challenge becomes significantly easier to manage.

Do you need someone to watch over your kitten as you handle other matters? Reach out to us at TAILored Cat Services and we will send over a sitter to care for your young pet. You can reach us by calling 425-923-7791 or by sending an email through our website.



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