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Petting-Spots Dogs Like and Don’t Like

Petting a dog is something many of us do instinctively. When we see a dog, the first thing we want to do is walk up to him/her to give pets.

If you just welcomed a new pet into your home, you may be eager to do the same thing. Hold off for a moment.

Petting a dog who’s feeling shy or scared and things can get ugly (dog may lunge or try to bite). Being more mindful of your petting habits may prevent that from happening.

In this article, we’ll discuss where you should a pet dog you just met to make sure that the interaction turns out incident-free.

Spots You Should Avoid

During your first encounter with your new dog, you’ll likely be enticed to offer him/her some pets on the head. Apparently, that’s a huge no-no.

Speaking to Mental Floss, veterinarian Uri Burstyn notes that you should never pet your dog on the head right away. The reason why is because dogs tend to think that something touching the top of their head means that a larger canine is nearby and about to attack. Your dog may react defensively to that head pat and possibly bite you.

The areas around your dog’s eyes and whiskers should also be avoided because touching there may make your pet feel uncomfortable. Even the paws are not ideal for petting during your first interactions with your new dog.

Spots Suitable for Petting Right Away

Well, if the top of the head, the face, and the paws are off limits, where exactly should you pet your new dog? Your best bet is to pet along the length of your dog’s back. It’s generally regarded as a safe spot and your dog won’t be alarmed because they have a clear view of you.

If you cannot resist touching your dog around the head, focus on the chin early on. Petting under the chin is reassuring because your dog can see you and the gesture is comforting.

You can move on to petting other spots in the future but during the early days with your new pet, it’s smart to stay with those safe spots.

Being eager to pet your new dog is understandable but you still have to exercise some caution. Build up your dog’s trust first by heeding the tips in this article and petting them in the right spots. Once you’ve formed a stronger bond with your dog, the both of you can indulge in as many pets and cuddles as you like!

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