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Paw Pad: How They Become Injured

Have you noticed that your pet dog is walking in a strange manner? Perhaps he/she is refusing to put any weight on one or more of his/her paws.

Your first instinct may be to think that something is wrong with one of your pet’s legs. If you don’t spot an issue with any of the legs, you may assume that the problem is related to a shoulder or perhaps a hindquarter.

When trying to figure out why your pet dog is moving weirdly, don’t forget to check on the paw pads too. Even though they look rugged and durable, they are still susceptible to damage.

The following reasons could explain how your pet’s paw pads were damaged.

Sharp Objects Can Cause Paw Pad Injuries

When they get excited, dogs have a really tough time containing themselves. They may start running around all over the place without caring about what’s in front of them.

Because of that, they may not notice sharp rocks or pieces of broken glass that may be on the ground. Their paws may get damaged as soon as they run over those objects.

Extreme Temperatures

You can burn your feet easily if you step on to a hot pavement while barefoot. Your canine companion’s paw pads may not burn that quickly, but it will still end up damaged after a long walk.

The Spruce Pets notes that freezing temperatures can also be problematic. In those conditions, the pads may dry out and start to crack (cracked paw pads can become very painful).

Allergies and Infections

The allergies and infections that affect your dog may cause a variety of symptoms. Itchiness happens to be a common symptom.

That is problematic because dogs will scratch relentlessly if they feel that itch. They may scratch so vigorously that they even end up wounding their own paw pads. Even constant licking can irritate the paw pads and lead to them causing your pet a significant amount of discomfort.

Don’t allow your pet’s pain to go unnoticed. Check on his/her paw pads to see if they may be the ones causing problems. While you’re at it, check this (insert link to second article here) out to learn about the different ways to treat injured paw pads and prepare yourself for any future issues.

Going on a walk should be fun for your pet. We at TAILored Pet Services will ensure that happens by keeping his/her paws protected during the walk. Talk to us by calling/texting 425-923-7791 or by sending on email through our contact page.



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