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Obedience-Tips To Make It Easier for Your Dog

Allowing them to roam around at the nearby dog park or even just taking them on a tour of the neighborhood may be too risky. You don’t know how they’ll behave and you’re unsure if you can control them. Even if you’re dog stays at home most of the time, they can still be problematic if they decide to start chewing on shoes or attempt to get into the garbage.

Living with a disobedient dog is not a lot of fun. Thankfully, there are things you can do to address and improve that problematic behavior.

Perfect the Basic Commands

Getting your dog to understand commands is crucial if you want them to behave better. Chances are that you’ve already tried teaching your dog some commands, but he/she is not executing them all the time.

The issue in that scenario could be related to a form of information overload. You may be trying to teach your dog so many commands that it’s leading to them getting confused.

What you can do instead is to focus on the basic commands first and continue to drill them until your dog gets them right all the time. The American Kennel Club highlights the 5 basic commands you and your dog should focus on.

Hold off on expanding the dog training sessions until your pet gets a good handle on those basic commands.

Practice Positive Reinforcement and Obedience

Getting your dog to diligently follow your every command won’t always be easy, which is why relying on some positive reinforcement can be a good strategy. By utilizing positive reinforcement, you can show your dog that listening and obedience has its perks.

Even if your dog is feeling hungry and eager to sink his/her teeth into anything, you can dissuade them from being destructive through positive reinforcement. Instead of chowing down on a shoe or some piece of furniture, they will listen to you and hope that they will be rewarded with a treat for doing so.

Take the Time to Socialize Your Dog

Dogs can act differently if there are strangers around. They may even start to ignore you because they are keenly focused on the unfamiliar people and/or animals around them.

To prevent your dog from misbehaving in that manner, you should look into socializing. Dogs who are given the chance to spend more time around other people and animals are less likely to have behavioral issues, according to The Spruce Pets.

Invest time in this activity if you want a more obedient dog.

Disobedience may be a type of behavior your dog shows, but it’s not something embedded in their personality. By training your dog properly, getting into socializing, and just showing your pet love, that bad behavior can be properly addressed and eventually eliminated.

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