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New Food: How to Encourage Cat to Try

Cats, like many of us, are creatures of habit. They like knowing what to expect and find comfort in that familiarity.

That’s why presenting them with new food can cause a bit of a surprise. They may be so surprised that they’ll just walk away from what you served and wait until you offer the food they know.

Switching from dry to wet cat food and vice versa may become a necessity at some point though. You may have to turn to dry food for a while because you’re a bit short on money. Giving your cat wet food may also be your only option if they have certain dietary restrictions.

Getting your pet to try new food is important. Try out the tips detailed below and see how well they work on your pet.

Work on the Presentation

If you’re giving your pet new food to try, make it as appetizing as you can. Make it impossible for your pet to turn it down.

So, how do you food more appealing to cats? Purina suggests cleaning up their bowl first. A clean bowl full of food is certainly more appealing than one that’s covered in all kinds of gunk.

You can also include some small pieces of treats along with the new food. Use your cat’s favorite treats to capture his/her attention. Once that happens, he/she will probably start to dig in.

Serve the New Food while It Is in Prime Condition

First impressions matter. If the first bite your pet has of the new food is unpleasant, he/she will probably stop eating.

Before giving the new food to your pet, take a moment to check its quality. See if the dry food is still crunchy instead of stale. The wet food should also be aromatic instead of cold and bland.

You can significantly increase the chances of your pet liking the new cat food if it’s served properly.

Don’t Leave Food Out before Going to Bed

Your pet cat may not be as inclined to try new food if he/she isn’t hungry. Knowing that, you should plan for changing his/her food ahead of time.

When you go to bed, make sure to put away any dry food remaining in your cat’s bowl. By the time you get up in the morning, your pet will likely be hungry and ready to eat. Serve the new food then and he/she will probably be more open to giving it a try.

Cats are wary of anything they’re not familiar with, but you can show them that new food is nothing to fear. Support them as they try something new and show them that being adventurous with food can be enjoyable!

Adjusting to a new diet can be a challenge for cats. We at TAILored Cat Services can help your pet get used to his/her new diet. Call us at 425-923-7791 or visit our cat sitting page to learn more about our services.



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