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Neutering/ Spaying: Improves Quality of Life

We all want the best life possible for our pets. They deserve nothing less than that.

Many pet parents have shown that they are willing to purchase more expensive foods and toys just to keep their feline companions happy.

In continued pursuit of keeping your pet cat happy, you may want to look into spaying/neutering. We already touched on how spay/neuter procedures can extend the life of your pet in last week’s article.

For this article, let’s turn our attention to how those surgical procedures can help your dear pet enjoy a better life.

Cleaner Living Space When Neutering Cat

If there is a downside to being a pet owner, it’s all the mess we often have to deal with. Male cats in particular are known for causing a mess because they like to spray their urine all over the place. It’s a behavior they practice because they’re territorial, according to the ASPCA.

Neutering your male cat lowers the chances of them engaging in that kind of behavior moving forward and it will lead to the both of you having a cleaner home.

Spend More on Your Pet’s Medical Care

Spaying/neutering will lower the chances of your pet developing certain cancers but they can still get sick. The good news is that you can spend more on the treatment of your pet if you had him/her fixed previously.

Instead of worrying about feeding a litter of kittens, you can just focus your funds on your one pet.

Cat Will Feel Content

Cats that remain unaltered may occasionally experience a desire to mate. As Paws.org notes, failing to mate may cause your cat to feel more frustrated and agitated. Spaying/neutering can curb those urges and lead to your cat feeling content at home.

Spaying/neutering can improve your pet’s health in a variety of ways. Aside from giving your pet a longer life, spaying/neutering can also help him/her lead a happier one.

Post-surgery recovery may take a while for your pet cat. Make sure he/she always has company around by hiring one of TAILored Cat Services’ professional sitters. You can call 425-923-7791 or go to our website to find out how we can provide assistance.



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