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Meow Sounds Decoded

Once you’ve lived with a cat for long enough, you’ll realize that they can be quite chatty. They’re often portrayed as these stoic creatures that just observe you from afar, but the reality is that they are very upfront and conversational.

Cats can also be quite expressive while only using their voice. Even their meows can mean different things to the trained human ear.

In this article, we’ll explore the many meanings of your cat’s meowing sounds. Read on so you can get a better idea of what your beloved pet is trying to tell you.

The Normal Meow

The most common type of vocalization your pet will make is their normal meow. It’s pretty easy to recognize because it’s normal in tone and length.

More often than not, cats use this type of meow to draw your attention. They may be meowing because they want something, but they don’t want it that badly.

The Extended Meow

In stark contrast to the normal meow, the extended meow usually indicates that your pet wants something immediately. They may be hungry and they’re letting you know that it’s feeding time. Giving into their demands is also usually the only way to get this kind of meowing to stop.

The Continuous Meows

If you’ve been out for a while, your cat will likely greet you with a bunch of meows when you get back. According to Purina, the continuous meowing is typically a sign that your cat is feeling excited. They’re probably happy that you’ve returned.

The Random Meows

From time to time, your pet may start meowing to seemingly no one or nothing in particular. This is the hardest type of meow to decode. In all likelihood though, your cat has spotted something interesting and they may be meowing at it to illicit a response.

Sadly, the day when we can understand everything our pets are saying is not coming anytime soon. However, we can contextualize the noises they make to better understand what they’re trying to communicate. Moving forward, you can use the information in this article to get a better idea of what your cat means when he/she is meowing.

Your cat may soon start to make mournful noises if he/she’s alone for too long. Allow us at TAILored Cat Services to keep him/her company while you handle other important matters. Call us at 425-923-7791 or peruse our website to learn more about our services.




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