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Medications Toxic to Cats

Cats are cautious but also very curious creatures. When unfamiliar objects are placed in front of them, they will probably poke it a few times. Being curious is just how they are and we love them for it.

Having a curious cat in your home is not really a problem. On the other hand, it can be dangerous if they get their paws on human medication.

Dangers Common Medications Pose

Many of use medication to deal with the nagging aches and pains that arise from time and time. These pain relievers are helpful to us, but they can be downright deadly to your pet cat.

According to Preventive Vet, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as well as the ones that contain the ingredient known as acetaminophen are extremely harmful to cats.

Even if your pet only consumes a small amount of medication, the effects on them could be severe. For example, kidneys/intestines may start to malfunction and red blood cells can be damaged.

Regardless of how well they work for your body, you should never use those items to treat your pet. Go to your vet instead and see what he/she recommends for your ailing companion.

Guidelines for Storing

If you have to keep medicine inside the home you share with your pet, be extra cautious when it comes to storage.

Keep them locked up in your bathroom’s medicine cabinet or some other secure container and make sure that your pet won’t be able to open it.

Disposing should be done properly too. As much as possible, dispose of expired medicine away from your home so that there’s no chance your pet will get to it.

Lastly, only take your medicine out when you’re about to use it. Don’t leave it unattended on the counter even for just a minute because that maybe all the time your pet needs.

The only person who should be giving medications to your pet cat is his/her veterinarian. For pet parents who must keep medications at home, caution is urged at all times. Your cat getting a single nibble of your medication could be disastrous so make sure it never happens.

If you’re concerned about leaving your pet unsupervised inside your home for a long period of time, we at TAILored CAT Services can help you out. Our cat sitters will keep a close eye over your pet at all times and ensure he/she does not get into trouble. Learn more about our cat sitters by visiting our About Us page or calling 425-923-7791.



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