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Lockdown: Activities to Avoid Dog Boredom

This current lockdown has given many pet parents more time with their cherished companions. The lockdown is also preventing many pet owners from venturing outside and going to different places with their pets.

Staying at home right now is best for you and your loved ones, but things can get boring after a while. Boredom and pet dogs in particular don’t mix. Dogs tend to develop bad habits when they’re bored and these include excessive barking, chewing, and digging, according to Purina.

Keeping your dog engaged and entertained is important for him/her and your home.

Highlighted below are some of the activities you can try out together with your dog to alleviate the boredom brought about by this lockdown.

Engage in Dog Training

Many folks around the country are using this lockdown period to be more productive. You can find all kinds of tutorials right now about learning skills while at home.

People are not the only ones who can develop new skills during this pandemic however. Now that you have the time for it, this is an ideal opportunity for you to engage your dog in obedience training.

Of course, obedience training is easier said than done and unless you happen to be a professional trainer, you and your pet may not get on the same page right away. If you’re having some trouble teaching your dog, focus on the basic commands instead and continue to drill those until they stick.

Pamper Your Pet

Another way to keep your pet engaged at this time is to pamper him/her.

Set up a sprinkler to allow him/her to dance under the water droplets. Another idea, hop in the shower with your dog and use shampoo so that your dog smells great following the bath.

You can also use this time to clip your dog’s nails and maybe trim his/her hair if you’re confident you can do that properly. Then again, your dog probably won’t mind an uneven trim as long as you’re paying more attention to him/her.

In all honesty, being at home all the time is not that fun, but it is necessary for our own health. Thankfully, you can still make the most out of this current situation by spending quality time with your trusted companion.

Leaving a dog bored at home is never ideal. Contact us at TAILored Pet Services so that we can walk your dog and keep him/her entertained. Learn more about our services by browsing our website.