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Lawn: Minimize the Damage from Dog

Having a pet dog is one of life’s true joys. Pet dogs love us unconditionally and no matter how bad things may get, they will always be ready to greet us with a smile and a loving nuzzle.

We can’t think of a reason to avoid adopting a dog; however, we cannot deny that they sometimes cause unintentional damage. Many of them especially like to play on the lawn which can be destructive.

The good news is that you can take steps to protect your lawn better from your pet dog. In August 14th’s article, we’ll talk about specific lawn care tips you can adopt; however, let’s focus on how you can teach your dog to be more careful around that part of your property.

Make Use of Basic Commands

Once your dog learns to follow basic commands, it should be easier for him/her to behave properly while on your lawn. As soon as you start to suspect that your dog may be up to something, call him/her over and prevent any accident from taking place.

Keep Your Dog Occupied with Exercise

Dogs that are full of energy can be a handful. Sometimes, they may expend that energy by going wild on your lawn.

To avoid an unwanted occurrence such as that, take the time to exercise your dog. A long walk around the neighborhood will work as a good outlet for their energy. If you are a too busy to accompany your dog for that long walk, Tailored Pet Services is ready to help!

Give Your Dog a Designated Area for Waste

Some dogs are more comfortable doing their business amidst more natural surroundings which could explain why your pet is drawn to your lawn.

If your pet does prefer using your lawn, give him/her a small space to use. Teach him/her to only use that spot for expelling waste and praise or scold depending on whether he/she follows your instructions. Also remember to keep this designated spot from any bees so that your pet can expel waste comfortably.

Give Your Dog a Designated Area for Digging

Dogs have a natural affinity for digging and burying certain possessions they deem valuable. Your pet may look at your yard as an ideal spot for hiding their treasure.

Once again, you can accommodate your pet in this instance but do your best to keep the digging confined to one area in order to minimize the impact on your lawn. Handing out treats, scolding, and praising will again help your dog understand where to dig.

Tweak Your Dog’s Diet

According to A View Turf, making changes to your dog’s diet can be beneficial to your lawn. More specifically, reducing his/her protein intake and adding a bit of salt to your dog’s food to encourage the consumption of water can be helpful. Just be sure to run these diet tweaks by your pet’s veterinarian first to avoid any problems.

Getting your pet dog to understand that your lawn is not a place they can just mess up with no repercussions can be tricky, but it can be done. Try out the tips mentioned previously and see how effectively they work on your canine companion. Keep following those tips and you’ll soon see that having a gorgeous lawn and having a loving pet are things that can happen at the same time.

Dogs that get regular exercise are not as threatening to lawns. Contact us at TAILored Pet Services and we’ll make sure your dog gets all the exercise he/she needs. Contact us at scheduling@tailoredpetservices.com or 425-923-7791.



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