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Hump Habits: How to Stop It

We all love our pets just as they are, but let’s be honest, we can live without some of their bad habits. If you surveyed a significant amount of dog owners, many of them would probably say that their pet’s humping is a habit they dislike.

In October 29’s article, we explained the reasons why dogs tend to exhibit that specific kind of behavior. For this article, we’ll focus more on the things we can do as pet parents to get them to stop the hump habit.

Take Your Dog to the Veterinarian

As noted in that article linked to above, your dog’s humping could be symptomatic of some health issues. Upon noticing that your pet has been engaging in that kind of behavior more often in recent days or weeks, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with the vet.

Issues with their reproductive system could be causing your pet discomfort. He/she may be trying to get relief from that discomfort by humping. Go to veterinarian right away to find out if the behavior is indeed being caused by medical issues.

Teach Your Dog to Stop Humping

Adequate training can stop your dog from humping. As soon as you start to notice your dog engage in this behavior, issue a different command that forces them to stop.

Remember to offer some treats whenever they listen to reinforce that positive behavior. Keep the training up consistently and your dog should be able to outgrow those hump habits eventually.

Don’t Give Your Pet the Opportunity to Hump

Since some dogs tend to start humping when they see other people or pets, it may help if you keep them separate for a while as they try to calm down. Take your dog to a separate area or their crate when you have people over so they don’t resort to humping.

According to the American Kennel Club, exercising your dog regularly also helps minimize humping. Go on walks frequently and see how that affects your pet’s humping habits.

Humping is not the most desirable form of canine behavior. Thankfully, it’s a habit we can teach our pets to drop. Try out the tips in this article and see how they work for your pet.

Taking your dog out for regular walks can help curb the habit of humping. Allow us at TAILored Pet Services to take over those dog-walking duties as you handle other important business. Get in touch with us today by using form on our website or calling 425-923-7791 to set up your next appointment.



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