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Tailored Pet Services’ 9th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since I registered Tailored Pet Services as a business but it’s true. It has been an incredible journey so far! As I’ve watched it evolve over the past nine years, it’s better than I ever could have imagined.

I started this company in May 2011 with one heartfelt objective – “deliver loving, attentive and compassionate care to furry babies”. Nine years and thousands of pawsome visits later, I’m proud to say that Tailored Pet Services has met this goal. In 2011, the company started with just me servicing a few clients. Through time and quality service, TAILored Pet Services grew to eight employees who provide care to 100+ pets.

Many things have changed since our humble beginning such as the appearance of pet care apps (Rover, Wag, Thumbtack) who offer a quick/efficient way to hire a hobby dog walker. To compete with this new technology, we continued to provide premium service which has included taking human clients to/from the hospital when an emergency arose. Our goal for the next year is to continue educating the public about the differences of hiring a professional dog walking company (employees who are trained) versus apps (independent contractors who work for themselves) and reminding them that hiring a well-trained team eliminates the chance of missed walks. In summary, we will continue to serve the dog owner community by providing unparalleled customer service that is reliable, resourceful and responsive.

The two groups who deserve the most gratitude for my company’s success: clients and employees.
CLIENTS: I have some great clients for so many reasons; however, I’ll share two that are dear to my heart: (1) clients are loyal so attrition is low because it usually occurs when a client’s lifestyle changes or moves out of our service area and (2) clients supported the company by agreeing to pay for walks to keep their walkers employed when I needed to temporarily close the company due to CORVID-19.
EMPLOYEES: All of my eight employees are lifelong pet lovers, and love the clients they serve like their own pets. Because of my employee’s love and compassion for our four-legged clients, we have the ability to serve more clients.

Currently, we are closed for pet care due to the Governor’s Mandate but will be adding an exciting new service when we reopen. Our off-leash adventures will include a trip to private ¼ fenced yard to play.

I wish to give everyone who has been a part of Tailored Pet Services’ journey during the past 9 years a round of applause. I am looking forward to resuming our pet care services when the Governor gives us permission, and I can’t wait to meet new dog owners when it happens!