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Halloween Treats Pets Should Avoid

It’s impossible to think of October 31 without thinking of the Halloween treats often handed out on that day.  More than a few kids would probably even argue that the treats are the best part of that especially spooky day.

While there is obviously nothing wrong with enjoying some sweet treats on Halloween, you should be careful if you have pets around. Many of the Halloween treats we enjoy are not good for them.

Keep the foods mentioned below away from your pets so that they are able to celebrate Halloween together with you with no issues.

Chocolates Remain Off-Limits as Halloween Treat

We probably don’t need to tell you about how dangerous chocolates can be to pets. As sad as it is, we simply cannot share chocolates with our cats and dogs because of how toxic those treats are to them.

If you do want to enjoy some chocolates while celebrating Halloween with your pet, then perhaps you can grab their treats too. Give your pets some treats to enjoy as you munch on your chocolates to keep everyone happy. Just make sure you don’t mix them up!

A Halloween Treat With Xylitol Can Be Bad for Pets Too

Yup, just like chocolates, candies can also be hazardous to your pet’s wellbeing. Candies have all kinds of ingredients like xylitol that can cause problems if they’re ingested by cats and/or dogs. Keep them away from your pets at all times.

According to PetMD, even seemingly innocent treats like candied apples can be bad for your pets. Make sure you store those candies safely so there’s no chance your furry companions get to them.

Pumpkin Carvings Can Cause Problems

Pumpkins aren’t typically served during Halloween, but that old carving on your porch could be seen by your pet as food. If that carving has been out there long enough, there’s a chance that it’s already harboring dangerous bacteria.

Find a spot for your pumpkin carving that your pet cannot reach. You should also check up on it periodically to see if it’s become discolored or if it’s starting to rot. Just discard if it has deteriorated to that point.

We pet parents typically celebrate special days by sharing food with our pets, but you may want to skip that for Halloween. Give them their own treats and enjoy the candies and chocolates yourself!

Halloween is supposed to be a spooky time for us, but it can become downright frightening if your pet gets into the treats. Allow us at TAILored Pet Services to help keep your furry friend safe. Contact us through our website or by calling 425-923-7791 to learn more about our services.



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