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Halloween Decorations Unsafe for Pets

Halloween is fast approaching which gives us a chance to show off our spooky decorations! While 2020 will be significantly different from past holidays, it’s still a day many of us look forward to. Many of us pet parents even purchase costumes for our furry friends so they can get into the spirit of the celebration.

Getting ready for Halloween often means also dressing up our homes. Did you know that some of your Halloween-themed décor could pose a health hazard to your pets?

It’s not news we enjoy sharing, but it’s essential nonetheless. To ensure you avoid unnecessary scares this coming Halloween, be aware of the following decorations as they could be harmful to your animal companions.

Tangled Spider Webs Are Choking Hazards

Spider webs are synonymous with Halloween, but you may want to reconsider before draping their artificial counterparts all over your home.

According to the Humane Society, those artificial spider webs can accidentally strangle your cat as he/she tries to move through them. Your dog’s head could get caught in one of the openings and he/she may have a hard time breaking free.

Those artificial spider webs are also dangerous if they fall on the floor. Dogs are known for chewing anything close by and it could be trouble if they find a spider web within range.

Creepy Sound Machines Could Genuinely Frighten Your Pet

Every Fourth of July, we take the time to ensure that our pets aren’t spooked by the fireworks blasting away in the distance. During Halloween, you may unintentionally be scaring your own pets by using a sound machine at home.

Running a creepy sound machine may help create a spookier ambience inside your home, but it could also frighten your animal companions. Skipping them might be best for your dogs and/or cats.

Keep lights out-of-reach

Some cats can’t resist chewing on electrical cords especially ones that’s not usually there. Brightly colored lights may draw cats’ attention because the glow may remind them of a laser pointer

According to the Pet Health Network, chewing on electrical cords is dangerous because of the possibility of injury/death from electrocution. Using low voltage LED lights and keeping lights out-of-reach will reduce the risk injury.

Unattended Candles Are Dangerous

Candlelight does a great job of capturing the creepy Halloween feel, but it can be a fire hazard if you share your home with a cat and/or dog.

We know that pets like to run around on occasion. While doing so, one of your pets could knock over the candles you set up for Halloween. If you don’t spot that fallen candle right away, your house could catch on fire.

Stick to the electrical lighting and perhaps some dimmer switches if you want to stay safe.

Decorating your home for Halloween is a lot of fun, but you have to be mindful of the items you choose if you’re a pet owner. Creating a scary environment for Halloween would be great, but that cannot come at the risk of your pet’s safety.

Keep Halloween from being any scarier than it needs to be by avoiding decorations that are potentially harmful to pets. We at TAILored Pet Services can also help by keeping your pet busy as you decorate your home safely. Just give us a call at 425-923-7791 or emailing through our website to learn more about how we can help.



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