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Fights: How You Can Help Your Injured Cat

Cats don’t always get along with one another and get into fights.

According to Purina, cats may get into physical altercations with their fellow felines due to the two of them being territorial or naturally aggressive. Some cats also get into fights because of food.

Regardless of why your pet got into a fight, you need to know that there are real dangers that could stem from that incident.

Vetted Pet Care notes that some cats may transmit the feline immunodeficiency and feline leukemia viruses through their bites. That’s because cat mouths are full of different bacteria.

Cats who have just been involved in fights may need emergency care. Become more aware of the dangers of cat bites during National Pet First Aid Awareness Month by reading on.

Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Any type of wound on your pet’s body caused by another cat’s bite is concerning. This is especially true if the other feline in question is feral.

As soon as you notice a bite wound, you should start preparing your cat for a trip to the vet. Get your cat’s transporter ready as you will be using it soon enough.

Clean, but Don’t Cover the Wound

Some cats bite hard enough that they may break the surface of the skin and cause bleeding. If your pet has a bleeding bite wound, hold off on the trip at least for a few minutes. You need to clean the wound first.

A teaspoon of salt dissolved in about one pint of water can be used to flush the wound. Avoid covering the bite wound after cleaning though. Bacteria may grow and spread faster if you cover up the wound and give them a moist environment to move around in.

Let the Vet Take Control

You can only do so much to address your cat’s bite wound. This kind of problem is best left to the experts.

Take your pet to the vet as soon as possible and allow them to do what is needed. Some stitches may be required to close up the wound and antibiotics may also be used to get rid of the bacteria.

Fighting may come naturally to cats, but you should still prevent that from happening whenever possible. A single bite could end up being deadly so protect your pet from that at all costs.

Don’t leave your lovely pet home alone. Reach out to us at TAILored Cat Services if you need someone to watch over your cat as you attend to other matters. You can get in touch with us by calling 425-923-7791 or by emailing through our website.



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