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Eye Discharge: How to Deal With It

It’s easy to be entranced by your pet cat’s mesmerizing eyes. They are often bright and capable of changing form quickly. They can also give you a peek into what your pet may be thinking at a specific moment.

You may notice something odd while looking at your cat’s eyes though. A strange-looking sticky substance might be near your cat’s eyes.

Is eye discharge something you have to worry about or something that you can ignore? You can find the answer to that question by reading on.

What’s Causing the Eye Discharge?

Several possible explanations exist for why discharge is flowing from your cat’s eyes.

According to WebMD, the discharge could be related to an upper respiratory infection or corneal disorder.

Inflammation may also be the reason behind the discharge. The pinkish lining surrounding your cat’s eyes may become inflamed, leading to a condition known as conjunctivitis. If the internal structures of the eyes have become inflamed, that’s a condition called uveitis.

On the other hand, they’re simpler explanations for the discharge coming from your pet’s eyes.

Discharge may occur when Fluffy comes in contact with something she’s is allergic to.  Another explanation-something was stuck in your cat’s eyes and it’s leading to discharge being produced.

When Is It Cause for Concern?

To be clear, steady discharge is uncommon; however, rushing to the vet because of it is unnecessary.

Catster reminds pet parents to consider two factors when deciding if their cat’s eyes should be checked immediately.

First is the amount of discharge. If there’s only a small amount of discharge present and it isn’t consistently produced, you can probably hold off on that trip to the vet, at least for a while.

The color of the discharge should also be considered. Clear discharge is not a big problem, but if it has an odd color, you should go to the veterinarian as soon as you can.

Caring for your cat’s eyes is very important and in order to do that properly, you need to monitor any discharge produced. By understanding what the discharge means, you can take appropriate action and prevent things from becoming really problematic.

When TAILored Cat Services cares for your cats during your vacation, eye discharge is something we monitor to ensure your cat stays healthy. To schedule service with TAILored Cat Services, call 425-923-7791 or complete on-line form.



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