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Exercise: Benefits for Dogs

One of the keys to living a long and healthy life is to exercise regularly. Exercise offers so many benefits, including improving stamina, strengthening muscles, and just generally making it easier for us to handle our daily tasks.

Unsurprisingly, our pets can also benefit from having a regular exercise regimen.

But how much exercise do our pets need? Which exercises do they need to perform? Is there such a thing as working out your dog too much?

Those are all important questions to ask and we’ll be addressing them in this article. If you want to keep your dog healthy long-term, the information included in this article should prove very valuable to you.

What Are the Benefits of Exercising for Dogs?

Before we get into the finer points of canine exercise, let’s first talk about what it can actually do for your pet. In many ways, the benefits that we enjoy from exercising can also be realized by our pet dogs.

Stronger Legs

Exercise helps strengthen the body significantly and that’s a crucial benefit for dogs. As dogs age, their legs tend to grow weaker. Their legs may struggle to hold their bodies up as a result.

By exercising your dog regularly, his/her legs will remain in good condition. They will hold up better to the effects of aging.

Some dogs may have a tough time moving around when they get old because of their weakened legs. You can prevent that from happening to your pet with the help of exercise.

Fit Body As a Result of Exercise

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), “55.8% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese”. Is your pet part of this statistic? Exercising will help him/her shed those excess pounds.

Moving around more will engage your pet’s metabolic system and allow for the faster processing of food. He/she will be able to maintain a healthier weight thanks to that.

It’s important to maintain a healthy weight for your pet because you don’t want too much strain being placed on their bones and muscles. Maintaining that fit body will allow your pet to age gracefully. It will also help your pet avoid various injuries and other ailments.

Sharper Mind

Exercising does more than just stave off your pet’s physical decline. It also keeps your dog’s mind sharp and active. Your dog will remain perceptive and reactive if you exercise them often.

A Cleaner Home

Obviously, the benefits of exercising that improve your dog’s short and long-term health are what you’re after the most. However, it’s still worth pointing out that exercising your dog regularly can do wonders for your home too.

Your pet is less likely to have accidents inside the home if you take him/her for walks regularly. Dogs are also less likely to chew up your shoes or furniture if they expend their energy exercising.

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