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Emergency: How to Properly Respond

We all have nightmares about our dog being involved in an emergency situation. Many of us avoid the thought of our pet being hurt; however, accidents realistically will arise at some point.

Refusing to think that such a scenario could happen to your pet is unrealistic. Instead, arm yourself with the knowledge to respond promptly.

To honor National Pet First Aid Awareness month, we’ll discuss how to act in an emergency situation.

The following tips should come in very handy if your dog is wounded.

Check the Current Condition of Your Pet

The first thing you need to do is check the current condition of your pet.

Obviously, if your dog is unconscious or bleeding, you already know that emergency care needs to be provided right away. On the other hand, the signs may not always be clear.

As noted by the ASPCA, there are other signs that also indicate that your pet’s health may be compromised and they are not as easily detected. Difficulty standing and abnormal breathing are additional distress signs so take immediate action if you observe them.

Protect Yourself from Your Pet

Let’s say that you’ve determined that your pet dog is injured but still conscious. What should you do next?

In that scenario, it’s best to approach your canine companion more cautiously. Even if you have the kindest dog in the world, he/she may start to behave differently while dealing with an injury.

Attempt to approach your pet, but back off if he/she is starting to threaten you. Call emergency services instead and let them handle things.

Administer First Aid Yourself

If your pet has fallen unconscious or is not acting aggressively towards you following the incident, you can be more proactive when it comes to providing first aid.

In last week’s article, we discussed how CPR is a must if your dog is not breathing. Injuries can also be treated temporarily with some medication and bandages.

Once you’ve administered first aid to your dog, get to a veterinarian as soon as possible and allow them to take charge.

Pet parents have a responsibility to the animals in their care and that does not change even in an emergency situation. Be sure that you can be there for your dog when he/she needs you the most by following the tips listed above.

Your dog’s safety should always be the priority. Make sure your pet is cared for by entrusting him/her to the experienced dog walker like TAILored Pet Services whose employees are Certified in Pet First Aid/CPR. You can reach us by calling 425-923-7791 or emailing through our website.