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Eating: What Type of Food To Serve

One of the big dilemmas most cat owners will face at some point is related to food and eating. To be more specific, many pet parents will find themselves having to choose between giving their cat dry food or wet food.

Obviously, you only want the best for your pet.

So, with that in mind, which type of cat food should your cat be eating? The answer to that question is not quite that simple. There are numerous factors that have to be considered and we’ll discuss them in this article.

The Healthier Eating Option

Let’s start off by discussing the nutritional offerings of both the dry and wet cat food options.

As you may know, cats are carnivores. That means they need a lot of protein in their diet. Typically, cats get way more of that protein from eating canned wet food than they do from dry food.

This isn’t to say that dry food is lacking in protein. It’s just that your cat will get more of that essential nutrient from wet food.

According to WebMD, wet food is also better for certain cats who have kidney or urinary tract issues. That’s due to the higher moisture content featured by those options.

For certain cats, wet food is clearly the better choice.

Food Safety

Unfortunately, we cannot spend all day with our pets. Work obligations and other matters need our attention too. That means you’ll have to leave food out for your cat so he/she can eat throughout the day.

This is where dry food becomes the better option. There is no risk of dry food spoiling and that’s not something you can say about the canned options.

Set aside some dry food as you go about your day and you don’t have to worry about your cat starving.


Typically, dry cat food is more affordable than wet cat food. If money’s a bit tight, you may not be able to afford to give your pet a steady diet of wet food.

Don’t hesitate to turn to dry food in that scenario. It’s still nutritious and filling and it certainly beats letting your pet go hungry.

When it comes to nutrient content, there’s a clear case to be made for wet cat food being the superior option. However, if you’re worried about cost or food safety, dry food is perfectly fine.

You could also give your pet both types of cat food. That way, they’re getting the best of both worlds in their diet.

Are you having a hard time getting your pet to embrace new food? Allow us at TAILored Cat Services to help.

We’ll stay with your cat as he/she tries out new food and ensure he/she is eating properly. Contact us at 425-923-7791 or visit our cat sitting page to learn about what we can do for your feline friend.



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