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Dreams: Does Your Cat Have Them?

Dreams are the subject of endless fascination for people. We have spent countless hours trying to figure out any deeper meaning they may have and many of us go to bed in the hopes of experiencing some sweet dreams.

Some of us have dreams so pleasant that we wonder if our own pets can experience them too.

You’ve probably seen your pet cat deep in slumber and wondered if he/she is having a dream. That’s the question we’ll be answering in this article. We’ll also tackle other topics pertaining to dreams to further understand how they may impact your beloved pet cat.

Do Cats Have Dreams?

The quick answer to the question above is yes, cats do indeed possess the capacity to dream. Researchers have found that humans are not the only ones capable of dreaming, which means we share another thing in common with the animals around us.

The fact that cats are able to dream could also explain why they can often look startled if you accidentally bump into them while they’re in the middle of sleeping.

What Do Our Pet Cats Dream About?

Sadly, we still cannot communicate verbally with our cats and that restricts our ability to figure out what goes on in their dreams. However, this article from Purina does note that cats likely dream of the things they recently encountered while they were awake.

This means that your cat could be dreaming about other pets in your home, a good meal they had, or possibly even you. It’s heartwarming to think that our pets dream of us and it serves as extra motivation to take better care of them.

Do Cats Have Nightmares?

We know that not all dreams are pleasant. Some of them can be frightening and cause us to wake up in a cold sweat.

Sadly, cats are susceptible to nightmares as well. The nature of their nightmares may be different from what we experience, but they are unpleasant all the same.

Dreaming is yet another experience we have in common with our feline friends. But should you take action if you see your pet moving strangely while sleeping? Learn more about that topic next week.

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