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Daycare vs Walker: Choice May Be Fido’s

To help our pets stave off the loneliness when dog owners go to work, services such as doggie daycare centers and professional dog walkers have emerged. They give you the opportunity to secure companionship for your dog even if you are away for the day.

Doggie daycare can be a good option to consider for pet owners, but it may not be suitable to everyone. In many cases, hiring a professional dog walker is the better move for dog health.

So, which one should you choose for your pet? Well, the choice may not really be yours to make.

What Is a Doggie Daycare Center?

As noted by Whole Dog Journal, a doggie daycare center is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a place where dogs are supervised by caretakers as they take part in different activities over the course of the day. Specific activities may vary from one place to the next, but doggie daycare centers are still all about allowing canines to have a good time in the company of others.

Not All Dogs Are Suitable for Daycare

Some dogs are simply not cut out for doggie daycare centers. Below are some examples of dogs who will not fit well into that kind of setting.

Your Dog Did Not Learn to Be Social

Just like us, dogs have different personalities. While many dogs enjoy the company of their fellow pets, others are not quite fond of that.

According to Pedigree, one of the possible reasons why your pet dog is shy around other canines is because he/she simply did not get enough opportunities to spend time with other dogs and people growing up.

Without that prior exposure to other dogs and people, it would only be natural for your pet to be apprehensive around others.

Your Dog Was Abused by a Previous Owner

A sadder explanation for why your dog is not good with new faces is because he/she may have been abused by a previous owner and is thus having a hard time trusting anyone other than you. Being asked to spend time with so many unfamiliar faces may not be good for him/her.

Your pet may try to escape if forced to spend time in the company of strangers. Even if he/she does not wind up escaping, your pet may return from the daycare center in worse condition.

Dogs that were abused in the past may also develop separation anxiety when asked to spend time away from their trusted owner. Your pet’s health may genuinely suffer if you take him/her to a daycare center in that scenario. As you can imagine, that situation can turn out awfully for you and your pet.

Your Dog Does Not Mingle Well with Others

Lastly, it’s also possible that your pet dog is a bit of a bully. Some dogs are simply naturally inclined to act that way.

When it comes to dogs with bullying tendencies, placing them in an environment with other dogs is likely going to be a bad move. A dog like that will simply make use of that time at daycare to bully more of his/her fellow canines.

Before taking a dog who tends to be a bully to daycare, it would be wise to have him/her undergo some training first. Once you see the changes in your pet’s behavior, you can consider giving doggie daycare another try.

Doggie daycare can be a good option to consider for pet owners, but it may not be suitable to everyone. In many cases, hiring a professional dog walker is the better move for dog health.

There is no substitute for you spending quality time with your pet, but the realities of the working world often prevent that from happening. The good news is that professional dog walkers are around to help ensure that your dog can still have a good day as you focus on your other obligations.

Worried about your dog being home alone for too long? Address that problem by hiring a professional dog walker. Call/text TAILored Pet Services at 425-923-7791 or email us at scheduling@tailoredpetservices.com. We’ll help you decide if daycare or dog walking is best for your pup.