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Cuddling/Petting Your Dog-Cues to Look for

Cuddling/petting is very enjoyable for us so it’s only natural for us to assume that our dogs like it as well. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

There’s a chance that your dog is not too fond of your pets. As discussed in last week’s article the spot where you pet your dog can make a huge difference but that’s not all.

Other explanations include your dog not being in the mood for pets at the time or perhaps because you’re not petting your dog the right way. Learn more about how to properly provide cuddling/petting by checking out the tips included in this article.

Pick Up on the Cues Your Dog Is Sending Out

Just like us, dogs have different moods. Sometimes they may be up for playing, while other times they may just want to rest and chill out.

Their changes in mood can also dictate whether or not they are receptive to pets.

What you’ll want to do here is to take note of the cues your dog is showing. If he/she approaches your hand when you stick it out, then it likely means they don’t mind a few pets. A tail wagging wildly as you extend your hand is another telltale sign of a dog eager for some affection.

In contrast, you may want to give a resting dog some time alone and provide the pets later.

The Right Cuddling/Petting Technique

The proper petting technique is gentle and consistent. The Bark also recommends exuding a calm energy as you pet your dog to put him/her at ease.

Petting your dog roughly might cause he/she to shy away from your future attempts or retaliates.

Petting is plenty of fun for us but bear in mind that it should be a pleasant activity for your dog as well. Observe his/her demeanor before petting so that you can be sure that it will be an enjoyable activity for the both of you.

Keeping your dog content will make him/her more receptive to pets. We at TAILored Pet Services can help by taking your dog on long walks. Book your next appointment by calling/texting 425-923-7791 or emailing through our website.



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