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COVID-19: Being Active Prevents Weight Gain

Many dogs are in their element outdoors. They love running around parks, beaches, and just about any kind of outdoor space. Sadly, with COVID-19 still a constant presence in our lives, we cannot just go out whenever we please together with our pets. That inability to go outside can really be a bummer for both the pets and their pet parents. It can also be downright bad for your dog’s health, especially if going outside was their main form of exercise.

Dogs that are suddenly forced into inactivity can gain weight in a hurry. Take action against that by trying out different activities that should make it easier for your pet to stay in shape even while remaining indoors.

Create Indoor Exercise Regimen

Being indoors doesn’t have to automatically translate to inactivity. You and your dog can still get in plenty of exercise without having to set foot or paw outside.

Preventive Vet suggests making use of elements inside your home to get your dog moving. Perhaps you can try to get your pet to warm up to the treadmill or have him/her repeatedly climb the stairs.

You can also make exercise more engaging for your furry friend by playing games. Chase your dog around your home or maybe encourage him/her to locate some carefully hidden treats.

Once you’ve tried out those different activities, see which ones your pet likes the most and integrate those into his/her daily routine.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Exercises

After determining which indoor exercises your pet prefers, you can now have him/her perform those regularly. However, you should be mindful of how much exercise your dog is getting.

Overworking your pet can lead to him/her getting injured or possibly losing weight at an alarming rate. Even when it comes to something like exercise, moderation is crucial.

Establish New COVID-19 Routine

Right now, none of us can accurately say when restrictions on going outside will be lifted, meaning your dog’s new exercise routine has to be the new normal for at least a little while. Don’t stray away from this new routine so that your dog can get used to it.

Not being able to go outside with your dog is not an excuse for inactivity. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your pet will be able to maintain a healthy weight even in the midst of this pandemic.

Complement your dog’s indoor exercises with regular walks during/after COVID-19. Allow us to take your dog for those regular walks so that you can attend to other matters. Find out more about how we at TAILored Pet Services can help by browsing our website or texting/calling 425-923-7791.