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COVID-19: Cat Feeling Depressed?

Cats are often portrayed as these standoffish and anti-social creatures. In reality though, many of them are quite affectionate and enjoy playing with their fellow felines. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is currently forcing many us to stay at home, and that includes our cats.

Many people are still having a hard time adjusting to daily life spent mostly indoors. Now, imagine what it must be like for our pet cats who don’t even understand why they are suddenly being kept from the outside world. This kind of situation could very well lead to your cat feeling depressed.

In a previous article, we already discussed some of the symptoms of feline depression. This time around, let’s focus on the different ways that you can help your pet cat deal with this problem.

Give Your Cat His/Her Own Space to Enjoy

Since COVID-19 is forcing many of us pet owners to keep our cats indoors, this is a good time to see how they will react to being given a new play space.

Whiskas recommends giving your cat a high space that they can climb to. The elevation should also allow them to observe their surroundings better, which is a hobby many cats tend to like.

Alternatively, you could also give your cat some kind of box containing toys and something comfortable.

Having a new space to occupy and enjoy should help cheer your pet up at least a little bit.

Groom Your Cat During COVID-19

Cats usually prefer to do their own grooming, but that doesn’t mean that they will turn down a nice brush every now and then.

Before getting started with this activity though, make sure that your cat is at ease and receptive to the grooming. If it looks like your cat isn’t too keen on the idea, it may be best to hold off on it now. Moving ahead with the grooming in that scenario could just stress your cat out even further.

Play with Your Pet Cat

What’s the easiest way to cheer up your cat? Well, taking the time to play with him/her will likely help.

Bust out whichever toy your cat likes and just continue passing it around with him/her. You can even chase your cat around if he/she is up for that.

Just as with people, staying active can help cats fend off depression.

It’s distressing to see your pet cat down in the dumps. The good news is that you can do something about that. Try out the tips included in this article and see how well they work at cheering up your cherished pet.

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