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Constipated Cat? Symptoms to Monitor

Constipated cats affect many households. That remains the case even if you care properly for your feline friend.

While constipation is not the easiest thing to prevent due to the number of factors that can cause it, spotting it is another matter. The symptoms of feline constipation are easy to detect.

This article will highlight some of the more common symptoms of cat constipation so keep an eye out for these as you continue living with your pet.

Your Cat Has Not Pooped for More Than a Day

One of the most obvious symptoms of cat constipation is something you’ll likely notice because it’s missing. More specifically, you may notice that your cat’s litter box is completely devoid of poop.

That absence of poop could be a sign that something’s wrong.

Irregularities in Your Cat’s Poop

Even if you do find feces in your cat’s litter box, it’s still possible that they are suffering from constipation.

According to Purina, poop that is drier, harder, and smaller than normal is symptomatic of constipation. If you see blood in your cat’s waste, that’s another potential indicator of constipation.

Your Cat Is Straining to Poop

The aforementioned symptoms are ones you may still not catch if you aren’t looking for them. However, it will be harder to ignore the sights and sounds of your pet in pain.

When constipated, some cats may visibly strain to squeeze out the waste in their body. Some may even howl in pain while they are in the process of trying to expel their feces.

Your cat may also cry out in your pain after you pick him/her up.

Additional Symptoms to Monitor

Some of the less obvious signs that your cat is constipated include them suddenly losing their appetite or becoming more lethargic. They may also adopt a more hunched over stance even while they are just standing.

There are also cats that will vomit due in part to being constipated.

Being constipated is not a pleasant experience for your pet cat, but the good news is that you can detect it pretty easily. Make a habit out of watching your cat closely so that a bout of constipation can be spotted right away and subsequently addressed.

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