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Cleaning Items Safe to Use Around Cats

Cleaning up at home is a more complicated undertaking when you have cats to worry about. If you don’t keep a close eye on them, they could end up putting their paws in the cleaning products, and from there, health problems may be soon to follow.

You should know that there is a way to make cleaning easier even if you have pets around. By only using cleaning items that are not toxic to your feline companions, you can focus on your chores for the day without worrying too much about where your pet wanders off to.

With all that said, here now are the cat-friendly cleaning items that deserve a spot in your home.

Specially Formulated Pet-Friendly Cleaners

Commercial cleaners are lauded for their effectiveness and efficiency. Cleaning solutions made from household products can get the job done, but often not as quickly as their commercial counterparts. The only downside to commercial cleaners is that many of them are often toxic to cats.

If you want something that’s as effective as a commercial cleaner but still safe for cats, you can choose from the growing selection of pet-friendly cleaners. These items are often either plant-based or they use enzymes to clean quickly and properly.

This article from Business Insider highlights some of the best pet-friendly cleaning items that are available today.

Olive Oil

People have long loved olive oil for its flavor and health benefits. Given in moderation, olive oil can also be a healthy addition to a cat’s diet.

One more reason to olive oil is the fact that it can be used for cleaning.

It works especially well when used as a kind of polish on leather and wooden surfaces.

Cornstarch Good For Cleaning

You can often find cornstarch listed as an ingredient in many pet foods because it is a good source of carbohydrates for our furry friends. That obviously means cornstarch poses no threat to your feline companion’s health.

To get more out of cornstarch, you can combine it with some water to create a polishing paste for silverware.

Cleaning does not have to be a stressful chore for pet owners. As long as you remember to stick to the products that are safe for your pets, you should be good to go when National Cleaning Week arrives.

Tidying up at home can be easier if someone can take care of your feline friend for a while. TAILored Cat Services is ready to step up and take on those pet sitting duties as you take your time cleaning. You can reach out to us by dialing 425-923-7791 or by browsing our website.



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