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Cleaners That Are Dangerous to Dogs

One of the hardest challenges for any pet owner is using cleaners to maintain a tidy home.

We can think of multiple reasons why the goal of a clean home is tougher with a dog around. Untrained dogs may leave their waste behind everywhere. Even obedient dogs sometimes ransack the garbage and cause a mess.

Because dogs sniff and/or lick liquids they encounter, choose cleaners wisely because some pose a threat to Fido’s health. Below are some cleaning products used frequently that you should avoid if you own a dog.

Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are now staples on many shopping lists and it’s easy to understand why. They make clothes more comfortable and they also impart a more pleasing scent compared to what you often get from laundry detergent.

You don’t want to use fabric softener on items you’ll be giving your dog though. According to The Spruce Pets, the chemicals usually found in fabric softeners can irritate a dog’s skin. If your dog happens to eat a sheet of fabric softener, his/her lungs may also end up seriously damaged.


We often use degreasers whenever we have to get rid of stubborn stains on kitchen countertops and ovens and they are very effective.

The problem with degreasers though is that they can produce harmful vapors that can affect your dog’s breathing. Degreasers are especially dangerous when mixed together with bleach, according to Dogster.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Many dogs have a fondness for toilet water that we just cannot understand. While we may not understand it, many of us also don’t discourage it, reasoning that it should be fine as long as the toilet water is clean.

The problem is that the items often used to clean toilets can be dangerous to dogs. To be more specific, toilet bowl cleaners that make use of chlorine need to be left on the shelf. According to Dogtime, chlorine can “irritate some dogs’ skin, eyes, and coats”.

Being more aware of the dangers cleaning products may present to your dog is crucial. Before using a new cleaning item, take the time to research it and see what effects it may have on your pet. After all, a spotless home is no fun if you cannot share it with your dog Spot.

National Cleaning Week is coming soon (March 22-28)! If you need someone to walk your dog as you clean your home more thoroughly, feel free to get in touch with TAILored Pet Services. You can reach us via our website or by calling 425-923-7791.