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Car Sickness – Three Tips to Treat It

Car sickness is no fun for us to deal with. That nauseous feeling can make it impossible for you to experience any kind of comfort during your journey.

Now, imagine how bad it must be for dogs who are not even fully aware of what’s happening to them.

No pet should be left to experience that kind of discomfort for any extended period of time. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some tips that you can try out the next time you see your dog feeling car sick during a trip.

Use a Dog Seat Belt

Your pet dog will probably feel better and safer if he/she gets to sit close to you. On the other hand, it’s a problem because the front seat of the car is not known as the safest place for them. To resolve that issue, you can use a dog seat belt.

Dog seat belts more closely resemble safety harnesses that are designed to work in conjunction with the seat belts installed in cars. Their goal is to help keep your dog in one place as you’re driving.

Shop carefully for a dog seat belt though as some of the options available are not considered safe.

The American Kennel Club recommends dog seat belts with thick, padded straps and short tethers that are secured at the back.

Lower the Windows

If your dog is showing the symptoms of car sickness, you can try to relieve his/her discomfort by lowering the windows of your car. According to Web MD, lowering the windows can help balance out both the interior and exterior air pressure. Hopefully, that also helps your pet feel more comfortable.

Give Your Dog Some Medicine

Even after doing the things mentioned above, there’s still a chance that your pet’s bout of car sickness will persist. In that case, you may need to enlist the aid of some medicine.

This article from Preventive Vet highlights specific medications that can help your dog. Just remember to consult with the veterinarian first before giving any of them to your pet.

Along with the tips listed above, dog training can also help your pet get used to being inside a moving car. Regardless of how you go about addressing your dog’s car sickness, just know that it won’t always be easy. It’s up to you as their pet parent to provide needed comfort and care during what can be a trying trip.

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