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Being Car Sick-Why Your Dog Is Feeling It

Being car sick is something many of us dealt with growing up. For some, it’s a problem that lasts even into adulthood.

People are not the only ones who suffer from it though. Pets and dogs specifically are also known to experience bouts of car sickness.

As a caring pet parent, you obviously don’t want your dog feeling under the weather during your trip. In order to address the issue, it helps to know why dogs experience car sickness in the first place.

Read on to learn more about the specific reasons why your dog is feeling sick during car rides.

Hasn’t Ridden in a Car Previously

According to the American Kennel Club, it’s possible that your dog’s car sickness is related to experiences he/she didn’t have growing up. To be more specific, dogs who were not handled in a variety of ways when they were younger may simply not be used to the things happening to them while they are in a car.

The constant motions moving them back and forth and the occasional bump in the road causing them to separate from the seat temporarily may be causing them to feel sick.

Sensory Signals Don’t Align

Even if you do play around with your dog often, car sickness can still be a problem because things are in disarray at the sensory level.

Per Preventive Vet, dogs may experience car sickness for the same reasons we do. Because our senses are saying different things to our brain, it then responds by making us feel nauseous. That’s one of the theories attempting to explain car sickness and it’s believed that the same thing may be happening with dogs.

May Be Feeling Anxious

One more reason why your dog is car sick is because he/she feels anxious. It’s possible that the stress of being inside a new yet confined space is an unpleasant experience for him/her. Your dog may also associate being inside a car with some bad experiences.

Dogs experiencing car sickness is a real thing and you need to understand why it is happening. Now that you know about this phenomenon, addressing it is something you can do through some dog training and also by providing more love and care.

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