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Bucket List for Your Cat

Pet cats don’t ask for much. Feed them regularly, give them a warm spot for sleeping, the occasional scratches, and they’ll be content.

Still, you may want to do more for a companion who has given you so much love and joy over the years. If that’s the case, why not put together a bucket list for your pet?

You don’t have to wait until you have a senior cat to make that bucket list. Go ahead and start working on it now by checking out the suggestions below.

1. Cook a Five-Star Meal for Your Cat

Many cats absolutely love fish. Indulge your pet by whipping up a meal with fish as the centerpiece.

By the way, feeding raw fish to your cat is a big no-no. According to WebMD, certain bacteria in raw fish can cause food poisoning in cats.

Stick to cooked fish because it’s a delicious and safe treat for your dear pet.

2. Stay in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Are you going on a business trip sometime soon? Maybe it’s time for you to bring your pet along for that trip. Search for a pet-friendly hotel in the city you’re visiting and make life on the road more enjoyable for you and your pet.

3. Experience the Great Outdoors with Your Cat

You don’t have to wait until your next business trip to go on an adventure with your cat. Even a short camping trip can already prove to be highly enjoyable. Just make sure you pick out a sturdy tent so you and your cat can sleep under the stars without worrying about anything.

4. Teach Your Cat a Trick

Teaching your cat a trick is not as easy as getting a dog to follow a command. That said, all the effort will be worth it once you see your pet performing the trick whenever you call for it.

Prepare plenty of treats if you want to give this bucket list item a try. You’ll need all those treats and a great deal of patience to accomplish this feat.

5. Reserve a Play Day for You and Your Cat

Cats don’t really ask to play around that much, which is odd because they always seem up for it. At least once, reserve a day just to play with your cat and see how much he/she really enjoys spending time with you.

Bonding as much as possible will be good for both you and your pet. Make that quality time together even more enjoyable by trying out the suggestions above.

Do you need some time to plan bucket list items for your pet cat? Go ahead and work on the bucket list while we keep your pet company. Reach out to us at TAILored Cat Services today by either calling 425-923-7791 or visit our cat sitting page to learn more about our feline services.



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