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Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Dogs have a high approval rating among the population. Finding people who genuinely dislike dogs is difficult. On the other hand, people who dislike dogs may feel that way because of a bad experience. In all likelihood, they had a run-in with an aggressive dog.

As much as we also absolutely adore dogs, it’s hard to deny that they can be scary when showing aggression. Before giving in to the fear, realize that there is usually a good explanation for that kind of behavior. We’ll explore those explanations in this article.

Your Dog Is Feeling Territorial

When do dogs bark most often? They may bark when being played with, announcing they’re hungry and/or seeing you preparing their food.

If we’re talking about the most common barking trigger, it’s when someone they don’t know approaches your home. Dogs are naturally territorial animals and they will let you know if they sense something amiss nearby.

Their territorial nature is part of the reason why dogs make great guardians of the home, but it’s also why some folks might be scared of them.

Your Dog Is Being Protective so Exhibits Aggressive Behavior

Speaking of their guardian tendencies, dogs may become aggressive if they sense a family member is being threatened. Whether it’s a fellow pet or someone in your family, your dog may spring into action as soon as he/she senses that danger is afoot.

In some cases, your dog’s aggressive behavior is appreciated because it may ward off the threat of a stranger. In other cases though, the aggressive behavior is not needed.

Your Dog Is Showing Fear

Another possible explanation for your dog’s aggression is fear. According to the ASPCA, fearful dogs may use aggression as a kind of defense mechanism.  It can become a real issue if you’re trying to socialize your dog.

As you can see, an aggressive dog is a natural occurrence. On the other hand, your dog’s tendency to turn to aggression can make socializing difficult. Now that you know why your dog becomes aggressive, it’s easier to help him/her.

In next week’s article, we’ll highlight the things you can do to ease your aggressive dog into socializing. Please read that article too and see if the tips there can help your beloved pet.

Aggressive dogs require additional care and compassion. TAILored Pet Services have learned some tricks to help your dog. Give us a call at 425-923-7791 or completing the contact form our website.



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