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Trust-How to Tell if Your Kitten Does

After spending plenty of time bonding with your kitten, you will inevitably end up asking yourself an important question – “does my kitten trust me?”

Unfortunately, you can’t just go up to your pet and ask that question – though it would be awesome if you could. In lieu of engineering a way to translate your cat’s meows, you can instead look out for some signs.

Kittens will let you know in their own way if you’ve earned their trust and affection. Included in this article are the telltale signs you need to watch out for.

Let’s get to know those signs now!

Their Eyes Can Reflect Trust

If you ever want to get a handle on how your cat views you, one of the best ways to do so is by just checking out the way he/she looks at you.

Does your cat engage in long staring contests? Does he/she blink slowly in a way that has to be intentional?

If your answers to both those questions are yes, then rejoice because that means your kitten trusts you. Cuteness.com even notes that you can try to engage your pet in slow blinking contests so go ahead and give that a try.

They Follow You Around

Cats are cautious creatures as evidenced by how they will slowly inch towards objects they don’t know and just quickly jab at it. They won’t go anywhere unless they know it’s safe.

That’s why it’s a big deal if your cat follows you around. Along with showing you that they are comfortable in your home, following you around also means they don’t see you as a threat.

Having your pet cat acknowledge you as someone they can safely be around is a good feeling for sure.

They Are Open to Sleeping Near You

One more sign that your kitten trusts you is if he/she is starting to sleep beside you. According to Whiskas, this pattern of social sleeping is a sign that a cat feels happy with the relationship he/she shares with whoever is close by.

Your cat doesn’t necessarily have to be sleeping next to your body for you to take it as a sign of trust. You can already take it as a positive sign if he/she is sleeping close to your bed.

Earning your kitten’s trust is hard work and it can also be a long process. Still, when you finally see that your kitten trusts you, it’s hard to top the feeling of joy that accompanies it. Keep bonding with your pet kitten and soon enough, you will win him/her over.

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