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Teaching Stay Command-Challenges

Teaching stay command is incredibly important. That simple command can prevent them from getting hurt and it’s also going to come in handy if you have guests coming over who may not be completely comfortable around dogs.

It’s a good thing that you want to teach your dog the stay command, but doing so can be tricky. There are challenges inherent to any type of dog training and that remains true especially for teaching your dog how to stay.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to teach your dog the stay command, it will help to understand the potential challenges you may encounter first (ways to train your dog will be discussed in next week’s blog).

Your Dog’s Natural Tendencies

As Purina notes, for some dogs the greatest challenge is simply staying still. They are so used to running and playing around that suddenly being asked to remain in one spot can be incredibly difficult.

You could very well have a dog who behaves this way and that could be a problem when it comes time for training.

Distractions Can Effect Teaching Stay Command

When you’re trying to study something, you probably go to a quiet spot somewhere so that you can think clearly. Cutting out distractions can help you focus more on the task at hand. The same can be true for your dog.

Look for spots at home that are free from things that can commonly catch your pet’s attention before proceeding with dog training.

Poor Rewards

Having the right incentive is essential to effective dog training. Most of the time, offering treats should be enough incentive to get your dog to listen. If that’s not working, Preventive Vet recommends using toys to get your dog to follow the stay command.

Teaching your dog a new trick is hard enough on its own, but if you don’t avoid external factors, it can become downright impossible. Make sure to steer clear of the things listed above if you want your dog to successfully learn the stay command.

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