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Spring Activities for You and Your House Cat

With our nice Spring weather, you and your house cat are both going to want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather and fresh air. However, getting some house cats outside may be a chore if your furry baby is not used to the great outdoors.

Here are a few activities that you and your house cat can do outside together this Spring:

1. Go for a Walk

While many house cats don’t normally go outside, your cat might enjoy a short walk in the yard to put her paws on the newly growing grass and enjoying the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Pet stores sell kitty leashes and harnesses to walk your cat in the yard in case she becomes scared and decides to run off.

2. Go for a Car Ride

Does your cat enjoy going for a car ride? Some house cats enjoy getting out of the house for a while and a car ride just might be exciting for them. They can look out the car windows and see some sites that they don’t see every day starring out the house windows.

3. Spring Grooming

Your cat most likely grew her winter coat to stay warm through the winter. Even though she is a house cat, she will still grow her winter coat and shed it in the spring and summer. Instead of getting hair all over your furniture and floor, take your cat outside in the nice Spring sunshine for her Spring grooming where you can comb through her winter coat and help her shed her coat outside instead of inside.

4. Playtime Outside

Instead of chasing the red light inside, take your cat outside for a little playtime in the sunshine. Tie a string to a stick you find in your yard. Then, you and your cat can have some playtime pawing at the string and stick.

These are just a few ways that you and your furry house cat can bond and enjoy the nice Spring weather outside this year. Tell us how you and your feline friend enjoy the nice Spring weather together in the comments below.

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