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Spring Activities for You and Your Dog

Spring is in the air! Even though we may still have a few more cool days and nights ahead, the weather is warming up which makes not only us humans but also our canine best friends want to go outside and enjoy the nice Spring weather.

Here are a few activities that you and your dog can do outside together this Spring:

1. Go for a Walk

While this is a normal activity for you and your canine friend, go for a walk on a different path or by visiting a different park. This is a great way for you and your pooch to bond as well as a great way for you both to get some exercise in the great outdoors.

2. Go for a Hike During Spring

While this is also a walk for you and your canine friend, take your dog out for the day and visit one of the many hiking trails in Washington where you both will enjoy some fresh air and see some beautiful sites. If you aren’t sure where hiking trails are, simply do a quick Google search to find hiking trails near you.

3. Play Fetch

Regardless if you are visiting a park or just playing with your dog in the back yard, play a game of fetch. This will give you and your dog some bonding time as well as give your furry friend some needed exercise.

4. Go For a Bike Ride on a Sunny Spring Day

If you like to ride your bike on a nice Spring day, take your canine friend with you, just make sure you have him on a bike leash. Your dog will love running alongside you as you both enjoy the nice Spring air. Of course, always consult with your vet before riding a bike with your dog to make sure he is up to the activity. 

These are just a few ways that you and your canine buddy can bond and enjoy the nice Spring weather this year. Tell us how you and your canine friend enjoy the nice Spring weather together in the comments below.

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