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Socializing Your New Christmas Puppy

The importance of socializing your puppy cannot be stated enough. As detailed in last week’s article, the effects of failing to socialize your puppy can have serious consequences. For example, Spot may not be open to interacting with other animals or other person besides from you.

But how do you socialize your dog?

The process is fairly straightforward, but also very involved. If you want Fido to grow up comfortable around others, you will need to invest the time.

The following are specific things to keep in mind as you are going through the socialization process.

Start Early

What time should you start socializing your dog?

According to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Animals), the best time to start socializing your puppy is when they are still around 3 to 12 weeks old.  At that age, they are still very open to experiencing new things.

Take advantage of that by putting your pup through his/her own dog training regimen.

Expose Your Puppy to All Kinds of Stimuli

To socialize your puppy, you may assume that all is needed to do is expose puppy to other animals/people. Encouraging your puppy to hang around more people and other animals is beneficial but not enough.

Preventive Vet suggests also exposing your dog to various sights, sounds, and smells. Doing that is important because you can show your pet early on that there are unusual stimuli not worth getting worked about.

If you can’t stand incessant barking, socializing is something you need to prioritize.

Simulate Examinations

When playing with your puppy, make it a point to do things such as messing around with his/her ears, paws, and even the teeth if possible.

The reason you need to do those things is because it implants the knowledge in your dog that things are normal and not to be feared. By the time you have to bring him/her to a groomer or to the vet, they will be pleased to see such a well-behaved dog.

Socializing your dog can be a tiring process, but the potential benefits to be gained from it are more than worth your time and effort. Playful pups are fun to have around, but reliable dogs can be trustworthy.

Ramp up your dog socializing efforts by having him/her interact with more people and environments. We at TAILored Pet Services can help you with that goal. Contact us at 425-923-7791 or read more blogs on our website for help.