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Senior Cat: How to Ease the Pain

As we get older, we start to experience more aches and pains. We don’t even have to take part in any strenuous activity. Just going through our daily routine can bring about pain and discomfort.

That’s just a side effect of getting older.

Of course, people are not the only ones who have to deal with the ill effects of aging. Our pets do too.

It’s particularly tricky when your senior cat starts to experience pain on a regular basis because they instinctively try to hide it. Nevertheless, we simply cannot allow our feline friends to suffer in silence.

If we can make the pains of aging easier to deal with for ourselves, we can do the same thing for our beloved cats.

Listed below are the things you can do to address the effects of aging that your senior cat may be experiencing.

Take Your Senior Cat to the Vet Regularly

The easiest way to address the pain your cat may be feeling is to identify it first. You can do that by taking him/her to the veterinarian.

Even if you’re not seeing anything wrong in your older cat physically, it’s still a good idea to bring him/her to the vet. According to Cat Friendly Homes, a visit to the vet once every six months is good for older felines.

If there’s anything that may be ailing your pet, the vet will be able to pick up on it.

Prepare for a Long Battle with Cat Arthritis

During one of those visits to the veterinarian, you shouldn’t be surprised if your cat gets diagnosed with arthritis. Per PetMD, arthritis comes naturally to cats because their joints degenerate as they grow older.

The thing about cat arthritis though is that you can combat it in different ways.

If your vet provides medication and/or supplements to address your cat’s condition, then make sure to pick those up and give them to your pet as instructed. You can also try to exercise with your cat, though you have to keep the routines low impact.

In addition to those things, you can also give your cat a blanket to use while he/she is sleeping, change the design of litter box, and even make your home more feline-friendly by introducing some ramps and new steps.

Remember to Give Your Older Cat Plenty of Love and Attention

One more effective way to ease the pain your older cat may be dealing with is to simply let him/her know that you still love him/her like you did before. Cats seek more attention as they age. It’s up to you to keep them happy and feeling loved no matter how much older they now are.

Senior cats may require a little more care and attention, but it’s a more than a fair price to pay after all the companionship they’ve provided to us over the years. Your cat has been keeping watch over you for so many years and now, it’s time to return the favor.

TAILored Cat Services’ professional cat sitters will guarantee that your senior cats will remain comfortable even if you have to be away for a business or family outing. If your cat requires extra attention, you can count on us to provide that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 425-923-7791 or browse our website to learn more about our rates and the work we do.



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