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Retractable Leash – Effects

Being aware of the dangers of this particular canine accessory will prevent you from making a big mistake.

What Is a Retractable Leash?

Retractable leashes make use of some cord to connect you to your dog. Specifically, one end of the cord connects to a spring-loaded gadget that you hold in your hand while the other links up to the collar.

There’s a button found on the gadget that you can use to extend the amount of cord available or to retract the length of the cord. According to Dogtime, some retractable leashes that can extend all the way up to 26 feet.

The case for using a retractable leash is that it gives your dog more freedom. By extending the cord, your dog can run around more. Some say that retractable leashes are also useful for dog training.

However, there are also downsides to using retractable leashes.

Why You Should Think Twice before Using a Retractable Leash

According to PetMD, the main concern with using a retractable leash is the safety of your dog. If you are unable to lock the leash in time and your dog is sprinting ahead, you can create a whiplash effect that exerts a lot of pressure on the collar and the neck of your pet.

It’s also harder to keep a close eye on your dog when he/she gets too far ahead of you.

So, should you just permanently avoid using retractable leashes? That’s what we’ll discuss in next week’s article. We’ll also provide you with other options to consider if you want to avoid using a retractable leash.

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