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Rescue Dog: Easing into Home

When you look at the loving, cheerful face of the typical dog, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing anything that could bring that animal harm. Unfortunately, there are people out there who neglect and abuse their dogs to the point where a “rescue” is necessary. Outside of the painful experiences those dogs had to endure at their “home,” they now have to move somewhere unfamiliar to them just to get away from danger.

Despite their difficult upbringing, rescue dogs still deserve a chance to live happily with owners who love and cherish them. If you want to be a loving owner of a rescue dog yourself, please check out the tips listed below as they will help with making the transition easier for your adopted animal.

Take Your Rescue Dog for a Walk

Put yourself in your dog’s position. You’re moving someplace new to live with someone you don’t really know. You would likely be at least a little tense in that scenario, right?

This is why it’s important to help your dog release some of that tension by going on a walk. Make the stroll extra-long this time to give your rescue dog the chance to really get into the swing of things. This should help him/her ease up even just a little.

Line Up More Activities to Try

Just because you’re done with the walk, doesn’t mean your dog can’t have more fun. Plan out some activities for your rescue dog to keep him/her engaged.

Some dog training would be helpful here or you could just play around with a few toys. Try to come up with something fun to make it easier for your rescue dog to feel more at home.

Give Your Dog the Chance to Take Look around the New Home

You can’t keep watch over your dog 24/7, so he/she has to get comfortable with the new home at some point. Don’t stop your dog from taking a look around his/her new home, but don’t just let him/her roam free either.

The goal here is to allow your rescue dog to satisfy his/her curiosity while also reminding him/her that there are new house rules to follow.

The tips above should come in very handy when you’re trying to make a rescue dog feel more comfortable in your home. In a follow-up article, we’ll discuss some of the things that should help mentally prepare your rescue dog for settling into a new home.

TAILored Pet Services can help make the transition for your rescue dog a more enjoyable process. Contact us at 425-923-7791 if you need some assistance with walking your rescue dog or getting him/her familiar with the new surroundings.