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Relocating: Helping Your Cat Adjust

Relocating is tough for any pet cat. They are creatures of habit and when you take them out of their comfort zone, they tend to get overstimulated and stressed out.

It’s painful to see our pet cats that way, but moving is sometimes inevitable. The best you can do as their adopted parent is to help make the transition as smooth as it can possibly be.

In this first article, we will highlight the different things you can do to help the move easier on your cat. We will detail the items you can purchase to achieve that same goal in a next week’s article.

Let’s get started.

Isolate Your Cat from Others for a Little While

You’ve probably seen your cat get startled by even the smallest sounds. Those ears perk up in a hurry don’t they?

Being in a new environment will only work to make your pet cat even more sensitive to the surroundings. For now, it’s best to give him/her space.

According to Paws.org, you should try to separate your recently moved cat from other pets for the time being. If there are kids at home or visiting, inform them that they must be gentle around your pet cat too.

Maintain Previously Established Routines

Dealing with numerous changes simultaneously can be difficult for people. Now, imagine what that can do to cats.

To help your cat feel just a bit more comfortable after relocating, Web MD suggests maintaining some of the older routines. That means keeping the same feeding times. If you play with your cat before going to bed, try your best to keep that habit up as well.

By letting your cat know that things are still fundamentally the same even if the home isn’t, that should help him/her feel more at ease.

Spend Some Extra Time with Your Cat

Earlier, we talked about isolating your cat from others during the first few days of the move. Take note that you are not among the people that should be kept away.

If anything, you should try to make more time if you can. It would be great if you can schedule the relocating during your days off from work so that you can spend the rest of the day just hanging out with your furry friend.

They may feel scared in their new environment and you are the only one who can provide the comfort they need.

The process of moving will definitely be challenging for your cat, but by remembering a few tips, you can at least make the process easier to handle.

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