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Relaxed Rescue Dog-Transition Tips

The transition for any rescue dog is not going to be easy. As Fido’s caretaker, it’s your job to ensure  transition is relaxed and enjoyable.

In an earlier article, we highlighted some of the activities you can do to relieve the tension that your new dog could very well be feeling.

Now, we’re focusing on ways for your rescue dog to recognize your place as his/her new and improved home.

Make the Mealtime Experience as Familiar as It Can Possibly Be

When you pick up your rescue dog from the shelter, make a point to ask about his/her diet. Knowing this information will help with emotional health (recognizable tradition during the transition period).

Continue serving the same meals at the same time your rescue dog has gotten used to for at least a few weeks. After that, you can new types of food into his/her diet if you think that he/she can eat healthier.

Provide Your Rescue Dog with a Place Where He/She Can Feel Relaxed

Even though you believe your home is comfortable, Fido may have trouble seeing it that way in beginning.

The solution to that problem is to give your rescue dog his/her own comfortable space. If Fido brings a favorite toy/pillow from the shelter, use that as the building block for his living space.

That spot in your home can serve as your rescue dog’s temporary sanctuary as he/she gets used to the rest of her new surroundings.

 Give Your Dog Some Space to Feel Relaxed

Early on in to the transition, there will be a few times when your dog may not seem up for playing or walking around. That could be due in part to a feeling of fatigue and lingering unease about the new environment.

Taking a step back to give your rescue dog some space is important. Moving is tough for any pet, so just give him/her the opportunity to get used to things.

Eventually, your dog will realize that he/she has a fantastic owner in you and this new home is one she can truly enjoy living in.

When easing your new pet into your home, it’s wise to focus more on just dog training activities. It’s also important to let Fido know that he can relax and essentials like food/shelter remain easily accessible. Keep these tips in mind and the transition should be a more manageable process for your rescue dog.

We at TAILored Pet Services will provide the assistance you need to make the transition process easier for your rescue dog. You can count on us to keep your dog company as you make sure that his/her new home is as welcoming as it can be. To learn more about how we can help, please give us a call at 425-923-7791 or browse our website.