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Professional Versus Amateur Walker

Owning a dog requires a lot of responsibility from the owner including regular dog walks and potty breaks. But what do you do if you work during the day and can’t run home for a quick dog walk on your lunch break? Or you are out of town and need someone to look after your pet while you are away?

There are many reasons you may need a professional dog walker, but we have the top 5 reasons you might want to consider hiring us to walk your dog:

1. Potty Breaks

The most popular reason for hiring a professional dog walker is because you work all day or at least long hours during the day and your dog needs his potty breaks. If your dog is left alone in the house too long without a potty break, he may have an accident or become destructive. A professional dog walker will not only make sure your dog gets his potty break, but will also provide your dog with a little playtime.

2. Boredom

Dogs can easily become bored if they do not have human interaction or stimulation during the day. When a dog is bored, he may become destructive or disobedient to try to entertain himself. Having a professional dog walker visit your home daily gives your dog a chance to engage with a human who will spend time not only walking your dog, but also playing with him.

3. Exercise

If your dog is locked in the house all day, not only will he get really bored but he will not get the exercise that he needs to stay healthy. Dogs like to run and play, but you may not have the time to spend every day with your pet to let him run around. Hiring a professional dog walker will ensure that your dog has someone to play with during their visit giving him some exercise while you are at work.

4. Bonding

Providing playtime with your dog is a great way to bond. But you may not always have the time. A professional dog walker will provide your dog with playtime on every visit which not only gives your dog human interaction, but also provides exercise and entertainment for your dog while you are at work.

5. Health Reasons

Just like humans who are stuck in the house all day, dogs want to go outside on occasions and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Making sure your dog gets regular walks ensures that your dog stays active and provides your dog with this chance as well as provides your dog with regular exercise and movement which can decrease problems with obesity, arthritis and heart disease.

Do you need someone to take your dog for a walk during the day while you are at work? Or do you need boarding for your dog while you are on vacation? TAILored Pet Services is here to help! Our professional dog walkers will care for your dog, check their food and water, give them attention and keep them active with a little playtime. To learn more about our services, visit our dog walking page or call us at 425-923-7791.