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Puppy Confinement Area-Making Enjoyable

If you have a full-time job, setting up a confinement area for your puppy is something you must do. Too many things can go wrong if a puppy is left to roam the home unsupervised and you do not want to take on that risk.

Of course, simply setting up a the area is not enough. You have to teach your puppy to like it as well. Otherwise, he/she may just constantly try to escape or make a mess whenever you leave home.

To find out how to teach your dog to like his/her confinement spot, please check out the tips included below.

Spend Time with Your Puppy Inside It

Our favorite places tend to be those spots where we created our fondest memories. Dogs can also associate their best memories with specific places. You want to turn the area into a place they connect with the fun they’ve had inside of it.

You can turn the confinement area into that kind of space by spending more time with your pet in there. Whether it’s for feeding or playing, just make it a point to spend time inside the confinement space together with your young pet.

Use Toys to Your Advantage

Has your pup shown a fondness for certain toys? If so, you can use them to conduct a bit of dog training.

The American Kennel Club recommends reserving special toys for the confinement area. Keep them in there so that your dog will have to enter that space whenever he/she feels like playing.

Soon enough, your pup will start to see that spot in your home as a play area as opposed to a confinement spot.

Widen the Confinement Area as Needed

Puppies can grow pretty quickly. Before you know it, that little furball you brought home is now getting too big for his/her confinement area.

At that point, you can probably start teaching basic commands, but it may still be too risky to leave your dog unsupervised.

While you try to carve out time for formal dog training, you should widen the confinement area your growing dog has. That way, he/she will remain comfortable inside that space.

Teaching your dog to love his/her confinement area will not be easy, but it’s far from an impossible task as well. The tips included in this article should be of great help as you teach your dog that staying in that space for a while can be enjoyable.

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