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Playtime-Make It More Enjoyable for Your Cat

Cats are not naturally pre-disposed to just lying around all day or using every hour for playtime. In the wild, many of them remain on the hunt throughout the day, rarely taking a moment to let their guard down.

You’re obviously not going to let your pet loose into the wild, but Preventive Vet notes that cats must still be given opportunities to get in touch with their natural instincts.

To accomplish that, you can entice your pet to participate in playtime involving the usage of special toys and environmental elements. With the help of those additions, your domesticated buddy can feel like he/she is just like one of those bigger felines roaming the wild.

Pick Out the Right Toys

Have you ever wondered why cats are so drawn to toys that feature feathers and those balls that emit small sounds? There’s a good chance that cats like those toys because they mimic the prey that they would be hunting for food outdoors. They can hunt and stalk those toys like they would their prey.

You can also get some toy mice because those can capture a cat’s attention really well.

If you don’t have any of those toys at home, you can still make use of string and laser pointers. As long as the toy allows your cat to act like a hunter, it’s likely going to be a hit.

Environmental Elements Provide Great Stimulation

For pet parents who are a bit busy with work, they can make use of other objects to encourage cats to play. According to PetMD, scratching posts and cat trees are great for playtime.

Pet owners who haven’t been able to purchase scratching posts and cat trees can use boxes with holes cut in them and paper bags to encourage cats to play more.

End Playtime the Right Way

Playtime can’t last forever, but you also don’t want your cat to end up feeling frustrated because of it.

You can give your cat a sense of satisfaction and properly end playtime by having him/her claim “decisive victory,” according to The Spruce Pets. That just means allowing your cat to finally hit the toy or take it away from you.

Sometimes, your pet may even lose interest in playing after a while. Feel free to end things right there as well.

Pet cats may not show it, but they love playing around too. Give them a chance to have fun the way they want to by introducing them to the right playthings. By providing your pet with more chances to play, he/she will grow happier and more relaxed.

We love playing with your cats just as much as you do! If you want a playmate for your cat, give us a call at TAILored Cat Services and we will be more than happy to offer our services. To reach us, you can call 425-923-7791 or browse our website.



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