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Moving-Items to Ease Your Cat’s Anxiety

Convincing Fluffy that her new home is safe after moving is easier said than done. Her animal instincts probably have kicked in and calming down is not on her agenda. It’s your job to show her that the new home is an acceptable space.

We already talked about the things you can do to make moving easier for your cat in an earlier article, so now, let’s turn our attention to some purchases that will also prove very helpful.

A Bed or Something Like It

After a fair amount of running, sniffing, and just general exploration, your cat is bound to get tired. Bedtime is going to come sooner rather than later, and you need to be ready for that.

If your cat was using a bed in your old home, bring that along and place it somewhere easily accessible so that he/she can hop into it whenever. Alternatively, you can also place a soft covering over a new spot your cat has claimed for sleeping in order to make it more comfortable and familiar.

Some Relaxing Catnip

Catnip simply has a way of helping cats relax more effectively. Pick some up from the pet store before you move and bust it out when your cat is looking a little tense.

It is worth noting that catnip may not work for all felines though. As noted by Preventive Vet, around 30 to 35 percent of cats don’t react to catnip.

For those with cats who are immune to catnip, using toys to help them calm down is a wise move.

Scratching Posts for Stress Relief

Maybe your cat prefers some more involved methods of relieving stress. In that case, catnip probably won’t be enough.

Instead, you may want to invest in a scratching post. Being able to release that pent out stress and aggression on a scratching post should be therapeutic for your pet cat. Plus, that scratching post could very well save your new furniture from damage.

Check out this article from The Spruce Pets to see some of the best scratching posts that are available currently.

The secret to making the move easier to handle for your pet cat is following a few tips and purchasing the items listed above. It may still take some time for your cat to get fully adjusted, but the transition is almost guaranteed to be a success.

While you’re out shopping for moving supplies, give us a call at TAILored Cat Services if you want someone to watch over your cat. We will make sure that your cat feels comfortable even while you’re away for a bit. Please call us at 425-923-7791 or browse our website to learn more about how we can help.



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