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Apartment: Living with a Cat

Getting a home mortgage these days can be quite the challenge which is why most middle class people and millennials prefer to live in rented apartments. Living in a tiny apartment near your workplace can become extra demanding if you live with feline friend. Cats love to explore their surroundings until they’ll get comfortable in it. Sharing an apartment with your cat (or even several cats) will give you more responsibilities than just your basic job description at work; however, it can also be lots of fun.

Choosing an Apartment

The first thing to consider when renting an apartment or townhouse is whether or not pets are permitted and how are allowed. Next, think about whether you’ll want a private or communal outdoor space. If your apartment has a balcony, you may want to install safety nets or walls so your cat won’t jump or fall.

Is it a Right Fit for You and Your Cat?

Whether your pet cat is a Persian, Russian blue, Munchkin or Bengal; keep in mind that it will spend a lot of its time inside your apartment alone, especially if you work a full-time job. As stated before, cats like to explore their surroundings which includes getting into your stuff. Keep your private stuff sealed in lidded plastic containers so they don’t knock them over and drawers closed so they don’t pull stuff out/sleep on your sweaters. Make sure that your cat can easily find his/her favorite sleeping spots, the toilet/litter box and play area with all their toys.

Room with a View

Technically anything with four walls can make your cats semi claustrophobic so provide them with a large window with a ledge or table so they can view the world around them. Shelves, window sills, tables and bench tops work great for them to sit on while looking out the window.

Climate Control

Adjust the air conditioning and heater each season in order to keep you and your cat super comfy all year round. When you open the windows to let in sunlight, you may find your cat snoozing in those areas.

Fun and Games

Your apartment is an enclosure to them which creates an atmosphere for boredom. Keep your cat amused by giving them numerous kinds of toys to play with. Because cats are prey driven, they don’t like playing alone so plan to spend time interacting with them when you return home from work.

Clean the Apartment Daily

Cat fur can be very annoying when it sticks to clothes and the carpet. In order to prevent this from happening, clean, vacuum and wipe everything with a wet rag daily to remove cat fur. Clean the cat’s litter box 1-2 times daily to reduce odors.

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