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Litter Boxes for Cats With Special Needs

Tracking down litter boxes that can work for the vast majority of cats is a simple enough task as long as you remember certain things mentioned in previous article, but the same cannot be said if you have a cat that exhibits uncommon habits or has special needs.

A litter box that is suitable for most cats may not necessarily be the one that is best for the pet you have at home.

This article will focus more on finding the litter boxes that will be most compatible those cats with uncommon habits and/or special needs.

Cats That Have Unusual Urinating Habits

According to the Humane Society, the regular way of urinating for cats involves them squatting down and then expelling their waste on a horizontal surface.

Not all cats do that though. Some will instead turn their back to a vertical surface, hike up their tail and then release their urine – an act also known as spraying.

If your pet is a sprayer, Preventive Vet advises you to purchase litter boxes with three sides that are around 8 to 12 inches tall. That should be tall enough to contain the urine. The remaining side should be shorter to allow for easy entry into the litter box.

Cats That Dislike Smelly Litter Boxes

You can find cats that will go regardless of how dirty the litter box is, but some are not quite as fond of doing that.

Regularly cleaning the litter box is something you should absolutely do. However, you may not always have that chance if you have a busy work schedule.

In that case, getting a self-cleaning litter box may be a wise decision.

Cats with Arthritis

Moving around isn’t easy for older cats and those with arthritis. The litter box should accommodate them by being more accessible.

The height of the three walls can still be what they typically are, but there should be one side that will be easy to step over. That side should be no taller than 3.5 inches.

Even if your pet isn’t like most cats, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good litter box for him/her. Hopefully, the tips above will make it easier for you to locate that specific litter box that your pet needs.

Allow us at TAILored CAT Services to help your pet get used to his/her new litter box. We can provide assistance in many ways and you can learn more about them by calling 425-923-7791 or reviewing our website.



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